Artists | Ann Robinson

“Glass is a wonderfully expressive material. If you put love into it... it shines out.” - Ann Robinson

Ann Robinson is a world-renowned cast glass artist with an inspiring career that spans over 40 years. She has been honoured with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006 by the America Glass Art Society and was recognised as a Laureate in 2004 by the New Zealand Arts Foundation. Finding inspiration for her works in nature, Robinson sees each of her vessels as a light-filled canvas on which to develop her own language: a personal poetry of images. Asked to speak about her works, Robinson talks of the expressive qualities of glass. Ann Robinson’s works feature in many prominent private and public collections, including the Corning Museum (USA), Victoria and Albert Museum (UK), The National Gallery of Victoria (Australia), Stradtmuseum (Germany), Auckland Museum and Te Papa: Museum of New Zealand.

Light falls on the glass form, filling it, transforming. That is the mystery. Life and love, light and soul. The art is in the plaiting of the four together.