Artists | Anya Pesce

Anya Pesce is a Sydney-based artist whose practice addresses surface, colour and materiality. Her distinctive sculptural work deals with durable materials such as perspex and acrylic. “I have chosen to work with polymethyl methacrylate for many reasons” she states; “It satisfies the aesthetic I desire to make artwork due to its beautiful surface, lustre and colour”. Pesce’s fascination with material properties, attention to surface, reflection and perception is the artist's reference to ‘Finish Fetish’ in contemporary practice. Her sculptures explore how the combination of these elements impact the viewer, resulting in visual and sensory stimulation. 

Pesce's work has been exhibited in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the .M Contemporary, Darlinghurst, the .M Contemporary, Woollahra, and the Auckland Art Fair 2021.


Mimicking fabric and referencing the body, the forms become a fusion of visual and experienced phenomena.