Artists | Scott Perkins

‘‘There is a space where abstraction, nature, beauty and mystery intersect. That’s where the camera and I go looking.’’
- Scott Perkins

Scott Perkins is a Sydney based photographer. Born in Auckland, he has lived between Australia and New Zealand for more than 20 years. An avid traveller he has woven the arts and photography into a wide reaching career spanning business and charities, in New Zealand and Australia. He spent 10 years on the board of directors for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and was a member of the Auckland Art Gallery Foundation. He began collecting New Zealand photography in the late 1980s, subsequently studying in London, Rome, New York and Tokyo.

The natural and the abstract co-exist in Scott’s work. Often in large format, these technically imposing works present the viewer with images that transcend their natural realm. Discussing his practice, Perkins’s states, ‘‘I suppose it all comes back to the land, to its light and darkness. I’m a New Zealander, so I’m a product of that tradition of examining the shadows, of abstraction, of the less obvious.’’

“We are a landscape of all we have seen.”

Isamu Noguchi